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Hi, My name is Teodor Stoynov, I am a Bulgarian citizen, holding valid Bulgarian passport. Next month, I will be travelling to Singapore and I was wondering whether I can get to the island of Bintan, visa free. I would like to come via a ferry from Singapore. Unfortunately, I do not find information, whether I can access the island for just a single day, using the Free-Visa Rule? Is it applicable for the island of Bintan? If yes - at which points? If not, please provide me with info whether I have to get visa on arrival, or at home? Thanks in advance. Regards, Teodor Stoynov
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Dear, Mr. Stoynov thank you for contacting Ministry of Tourism.

For related question, please refer to Indonesia bureau of immigration through the following email and landline number:

Landline Number : +62215225029 / +62215225028

Email : humas@imigrasi.go.id / www.lapor.go.id

We hope this information helps.

Furthermore, if you are satisfied with the submitted reply, we ask for your willingness to fill out the Satisfaction Survey of  Public Information Service, Ministry of Tourism.

The survey will be sent to your email address after you press the close button.



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