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Dear Sir/Madam, We are pleased to invite you to be one of the sponsors for our upcoming drama musical event with this proposal letter. On 25th & 26th January 2019. InSIM will host its annual drama musical which has gained huge public enthusiasm for the past eight years. This upcoming event, titled InSIGHT 2019: Celebrating a Decade, is targeting over 700 audiences. We would like Kementrian Pariwisata to get involved in this momentous theatrical event. Previously, InSIGHT 2018 drew about 700 attendees- about 500 Indonesian students, 200 international students with the participation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore. We are proud that InSIGHT 2016 was sponsored and aired by one of the leading mass media in Indonesia, MNC TV. We believe that your extensive supports are essential in helping us to raise funds for InSIGHT 2019. In addition, your sponsorship comes with some advertising space on the event such as banners and social media. Please do inform us if you are interested to be one of the sponsors in this event, and we will send you the full presentation of sponsorship packages and benefits. We look forward to a favorable response from you to make this event successful. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 8147 6027 or email at insimcommercedept@gmail.com for further information. Thank you. Yours Sincerely, Devina Hartono Commerce and Ticketing Division InSIGHT 2019
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´╗┐Dear, Ms. Devina thank you for contacting Ministry of Tourism.

Support / sponsorship from the Ministry of Tourism are currently limited to national / international event activities that are also supported by the Tourism Office / Provincial Government / stakeholder of the tourism industry. This list of approved support already exists in the relevant technical unit. We suggest that the proposal for application for support of activities shall be submitted to the Provincial / Regency / City Provincial Tourism Office for further processing by the Head of the Tourism Office and submitted to the Central Government (in this case the Ministry of Tourism).

The calendar of event 2018 officially supported by the Ministry of Tourism can be viewed at http://kemenpar.go.id/asp/detil.asp?c=249&id=3860

Bureau of Public Communication Ministry of Tourism can provide support in the form of promotion / publication by showing tourism events through multimedia videotron Ministry of Tourism or by disseminating it through Ministry of Tourism official social media. To be displayed on videotron, please send the video with .mp4 and .avi format along with Video Viewer Application Letter to:

´╗┐Head of Legal and Public Communication Bureau

Sapta Pesona Building, Floor 2

Medan Merdeka Barat Street no. 17

Jakarta 10110

Phone. (021) 3838899

We hope this information helps.

Furthermore, if you are satisfied with the submitted reply, we ask for your willingness to fill out the Satisfaction Survey of  Public Information Service, Ministry of Tourism.

The survey will be sent to your email address after you press the close button.



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