Mathias Calabotta
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Dear Sir or Madam, unfortunately I have to report a negative situation I had as a visitor on Bali recently and which is not acceptable in my opinion. This is why I forward you my complaint for information and hopefully further measurements: My girlfriend and I wanted to hike up the Vulcano Gunung Batur on Bali on the 26th of September to have a view on the beautiful sunrise. This is very popular amongst Bali tourists and as a passionate photographer I wanted to take some beautiful pictures. We were prepared well, had proper equipment and informed ourselves about the route to the top of mountain. There are just a few paths to the top, so it is not difficult to find it, even in the dark. When we arrived in the middle of the night with our scooters from Ubud at the local parking lot near the hot springs in Toya Bungkah village, some locals approached us immediately and asked what we were doing there and if we want climb up the mountain. One of them presented himself as some kind official, protecting the mountain 24 hours. Since it is not their business what we are doing here, I refused to admit that we were up to climb the mountain. After dressing up properly and finishing the last preparations, my girlfriend and I started to hike up the trail, leading from the parking lot to the summit of the volcano. Suddenly two locals put themselves in our way and hold us back physically. Though we told them not to touch us, they didn’t stop. One of them made even fists and tried to attack me. One of the others made the noise of preparation of spitting (but he did not). My girlfriend was attacked less as they were more concentrated on me. The locals told us that we are not allowed to go up the mountain without paying for a (absolutely useless) guide. We would have to pay 300.000 Rupiah each or we can go back to our hotel. I told them, that it is a free mountain and we do not have to pay, just to climb it. Threatened by their attacks, the case that it was in the middle of the night and the fact that my scooter was almost empty with gas, we gathered our last money together (after a second attempt to get pass them) and payed 600.000 (200.000 for the guide and 400.000 for the organisation) Rupiah total. The guide we got was nice at least and we know that it is not his fault. At the end we got to the summit but the negative feeling of the former happening remained throughout the day. We have met so many nice and friendly people on Bali and had a very positive impression of of the country. Still, this event will remain as a negative memory for very long time. It is for us not acceptable that foreigners are attacked physically and forced to pay money, especially if there is nowhere any sign or information about official entry fees, and I know that people climb Gunung Batur for free. I still believe that such a fee only exists in the world of the local guides solely. I hope my report will have any effect and measurements will be taken by official sites to avoid foreigners being attacked in the future. With kind regards Mathias Calabotta, MSc ------------------------------------------- Hafnerriegel 11 8010 Graz Austria
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Dear, Mathias Calabotta thank you for contacting Ministry of Tourism.

We're deeply sorry for the unpleasant experience that you had. We'll do a coordination with Bali Government Tourism Office

We hope this information helps.





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