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Horrified at public masturbation at Adisutjipto Airport I was at Adisutjipto airport to board a flight back to Kuala Lumpur this morning (Air Asia flight no. AK347). For your information, I visited Yogyakarta with my mother from 7 - 10 September 2018. While I was sitting in front of the Batik Keris shop at the airport around 10am to 10.20am (I was waiting for my mum who went to the restroom), I noticed a middle aged man sitting 2 seats next to me behaving oddly. He was staring at me with a strange expression on his face. I looked closer and I saw he had a black jacket/hat covering his lower body (more specifically, his private parts) and it was then that I saw drops of milky white liquid dripping onto the seat. I was horrified and utterly shocked as I realised that he was masturbating (in public, for god's sake). How could he have done that?? As I stared at him in disgust, he finished the act and wiped his hand against the chair. My mum rejoined me at this moment and saw him wiping his hand too. She thought the liquid on his chair was vomit initially but I told her about the man's disgusting act since I witnessed the whole thing. The man then nonchalantly stood up and walked towards the domestic boarding area (as if he had done nothing wrong!). I then quickly approached the sales girl at the Batik Keris counter to inform her of the incident but she could not understand English quite well. I approached the airport security personnel instead (he was at the baggage scanning checkpoint) and after some time spent in explaining the incident (using english and malay) he finally understood what I was trying to say. Unfortunately the nearest CCTV at site was facing the baggage scanning area and not the shops hence I was informed that airport security do not have CCTV footage of the incident. Nonetheless, I described the man's appearance the best I could - middle aged man, seems to be an indonesian, dark skin, black jacket, black pants and holding a hat and a handycam. I was then accompanied by the security personnel to walk around the domestic boarding area to spot the man. I managed to spot him and pointed him out to the security personnel who then approached him. I scurried away to some distance away after identifying the man (was afraid that he can spot me) so I have no idea what was said when the security personnel approached the man. After a few minutes, the security personnel came to me and told me that it was not possible for this man to be the culprit because he was travelling with his wife. I was gobsmacked. I know what I saw and I can totally recognise him. At my insistence, the security personnel once again approached the man and asked to see his identification (turns out he is an indonesian travelling to Palembang). The wife seemed perturbed and came over to where we were standing. The security personnel took her to the 'chair' which still had the few drops of 'liquid'/semen (I didnt hear what they were saying since they were conversing rapidly in bahasa indonesia) but the wife seemed to look annoyed/upset and went back to where her husband was (presumably to demand an explaination). A few minutes later, I asked the security personnel what the wife said or whether the man admitted to his vile act. He replied that the man said he had a stomach ache and thus peed a few drops of urine - in my opinion, this is total nonsense. What a lame cover-up story!! I then asked if he checked the contents of the man's handycam (just in case it contains inappropriate recordings), to which he replied "No". To be honest, I am quite disappointed that the man was not detained on the spot for further investigation..I was informed that the airport security procedure was just to monitor him. The disgusting act was done and all they could do was just monitor him? What about alerting the police? What about charging him for public offense/sexual harassment? I really hope appropriate punishment (permissible under Indonesia law) can be taken against him - public masturbation should not be condoned/swept under the carpet. I was really disturbed by this whole incident. How I wish I can erase his face from my mind. My trip to Yogyakarta was marred by this incident. It was a pleasant stay in Yogya until this happened. Sadly and regrettably, visiting Yogya is now to me, an unforgettable experience for the wrong reasons. I am writing this to the authorities so that they can take action against this man. Please do not let him escape unscathed. Who knows if he will become a sex offender /rapist one day? It would be too late to take action against him then. For details of his particulars, please check with Adisutjipto airport security - I forgot the name of the security personnel but he took some pictures in his phone (picture of the chair with semen on it, and a picture of the man's flight boarding details). Disturbed tourist, How Mei Le (+60125067463)
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´╗┐Dear, Ms. How Mei Le thank you for contacting Ministry of Tourism.

First of all we would like to offer our sincerest apologies to what had happened to you. We still coordinating with Angkasa Pura I, so that we could take a proper action to this incident. We hope such event won't happen again in the future.

We hope this information helps.





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