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Hello, I'm an Australian citizen travelling with my German girlfriend looking to enter Indonesia in middle of June we have come from Portugal. After reading the requirements we will be able to get a negative test for corona certificate, as well as a signed copy of our willingness to isolate if needed. Is this all that is required to enter? Can we buy a visa on arrival? Is Indonesia open for travel? Thankyou
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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

According to the regulation of the minister of law and human rights of the Republic of Indonesia number 11 of 2020 concerning the prohibition of foreigners entering the territory of the Republic of Indonesia

Temporarily prohibit Foreigners from entering / transiting at

Indonesian territory.

Article 3

(1) Prohibition as referred to in Article 2

excluded from:

a. Foreigners holding Limited Stay Permits and Permits

Stay Permanent;

b. Foreign holders of Diplomatic and Visa visas


c. Foreigners who hold Diplomatic and Residence Permits

Official Residence Permit;

d. Medical and food aid and support personnel

humanitarian reasons;

e. Crews of conveyance; and

f. Foreigners who will work on the project

national strategic.

(2) Foreigners as referred to in paragraph (1) may

enter Indonesia after fulfilling the requirements:

a. health certificate in English from

health authorities in each country;

b. 14 (fourteen) days in the region / country

which is free of the Covid-19 virus;

c. statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14

(fourteen) days carried out by

the government of the Republic of Indonesia.



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