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I remind the ICA friends all over Indonesia, let's join with the government to stay at home, not to work temporarily, We from ICA North Sumatra always pray that ICA members throughout Indonesia and ICA Ambassadors remain enthusiastic even though we must use our savings to go This gripping life, For the sake of our beloved family sitting at home, Maybe from ICA BPP can take steps to be able to send a letter to the Minister of Tourism To be able to work together to cope with this outbreak to support ICA Throughout Indonesia, Because clearly there are already ICA friends 2 months unemployed which has been released without salary, the Government, especially the Minister of Tourism and staff to the province to take steps to support ICA. Thank you to ica's Friends all over Indonesia and Ambasador, keep the spirit, calm at home for the future of the Family. Hasan Basri the chair of ICA BPD North Sumatra 000,000,349

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´╗┐Dear, Basri thank you for contacting Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economic along with other government institution working side by side to create policy and regulation that could help ease up the economic effect especially who work in tourism sector. We hope that we can hold our ground as a big nation and walk pass through this

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