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Dear Sir/Madam, This email is intended to reach a person who has the authority to take this information into consideration and give feedback regarding any possibilities. Please forward the information to another person if you know they would be more suitable to handle it, or share a contact with me so I can send it to someone more appropriate. I will write it anonymously since it's considered a sensitive topic. The topic is about mosques call to prayer (Adhan) and how it affects those who don't necessarily live near a mosque yet have to endure the loud calls via loudspeakers at their own homes every day. The main concern is that these calls over the loudspeakers could be considered too loud, if not unplesant at all times, since they do not stay in public places but reach every persons bedroom multiple times a throughout the day/night. My intention here is not to complain about other people's religion in itself, but the acoustic means of distributing their message to everyone in range. Most importantly, the night time Adhan around 5 o'clock, which is guaranteed to wake up everyone from their restful sleep (that is most important for persons well-being and development). I have been in Bali 2 times over the past year, staying in central Kuta area (which can be considered noisy by itself, but only certain times of the day). Withing that time period when I have been visiting this nice island and interesting people, I don't remember a time where I have had a restful sleep for the whole night. Every single night I have been woken up by the mosque's prayer calls that are so loud in my bedroom it feels like the person with the microphone is right inside my room. According to maps, nearest physical mosque to my accommodation should be about 400 meters away. But I am pretty sure there are loudspeakers up at different places around the streets, so choosing to live further away from a mosque would not really help. I remember from last year when I was in Bali I had a chance to visit a local family in Taman Sari area, who lived in dirt poor conditions.. literally on a dirt road going through their living 'room'. And I remember that around 8pm in the evening there was suddenly this prayer call.. from a loudspeaker right on their wall inside the living area/street.. that was so loud I had to cover my ears. Nobody could speak for the 5 minutes to each other since you weren't able to hear anything. They were all Balinese family, as I even had a chance to dress up in their given traditional clothing and visit a near by ceremony that evening. I could not imagine how they would be living with these conditions with the calls 5 times a day/night. I would probably wake up each night with a dramatic stress disorder. With this in mind I would like to ask you if there could be a way to have some balance with these matters. At least if there would be a possibility to have the sound levels lowered, or not use the loudspeakers during the nights. I understand that this may go against the traditions of the followers of these religions, but I see that people could try to respect each others private space at least. Meaning, in my own home I would not have to endure someone's else ways of tradition that affect my well-being multiple times a day. I am more than sure that if any Western tourist would go to a street with a handheld loudspeaker and started to explain their beliefs multiple times a day.. they could end up in jail for one reason or another. Let alone this happening at someones personal space instead of a street. I understand that I have chosen the place where I traveled myself, yet from all the Indonesia I chose Bali because of it's respectful traditions and Balinese way of life. I have visited Gili islands, and can say that the central government's idea of making other Indonesian islands such as Lombok as popular as Bali, would simply not work. For this very simple reason. No Western tourists would accept to endure prayer calls to wake them up middle of each and every night. It's just simply not healthy for the mind and the body. With all this in mind I am questioning myself how long I want to stay in Bali this time, and if I would even return in the future. Simply because good night of sleep is the most important thing for any person, as it helps with mental clarity and intelligence. I highly appreciate if anyone cares to read this message. As I am a visitor here I cannot decide your ways of life and decisions you make. Thus I would like to leave this as a feedback on what the environment feels like someone visiting and how certain aspects of the society make it good and others not so good, up to a point where I would consider looking for different destinations in the future. To end the message in a good note it's good to see some progress towards reducing plastic pollution and garbage recycling. Thank you for your time and patience. Looking forward to your feedback. Best regards, Anonymous long period tourist.
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