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Bad customer service at the National Monument! Bought JakCard, got red tix to register a line to the top for 9.30 pm. After registration I realised the JakCard's gone, consulted to staff to pay again w cash/flash/emoney but they said we should go back downstair to repurchase or show entry receipt(but we had the red tix as proof)There'sno Lost&Found box too, even 1 of the staff (woman with glasses) said:"Pengunjung disini ga semua jujur, apalagi liat kartu begitu. Bukan salah kita." She just implied Monas had no security&things left behind just disappear/thrown? Plz fix the system+workers attitude.
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´╗┐Dear, Yana thank you for contacting Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

We will coordinate this matters with the related area to improve the service. we hope this experience won't discourage you to explore the city while visiting Jakarta and any other tourism destination.

We hope this information helps.

Furthermore, if you are satisfied with the submitted reply, we ask for your willingness to fill out the Satisfaction Survey of  Public Information Service, Ministry of Tourism. 

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