Viranica Susanto
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Bagaiaman jika saya ingin melamar pekerjaan di kementrain pariwisata? My name is Viranica Susanto, I’m applying for Event Planner position. I’m majoring in bachelor of art degree in communication. I’ve read each details stated in your requirement, I accept the responsibilities, and i got the experience and skills you need. I had 10 years experienced in marketing, advertising & branding industry, and event planning. • I’m majoring in Bachelor of Art degree in Communication Studies in London School of Public Relations - LSPR. • I had 6 years experienced working as copywriter in Y&R & PUBLICIS, both are multinational advertising agency. • 4 years experienced working as Head of Brand Strategist in EGGHEAD Branding Consultant, creating branding & marketing strategy for small startup business to big companies such as Astra, Sinarmas, RGE, Liman, Maspion group, etc. • Currently I’m working in event planning company ASA ORGANIZER, organizing corporate event, wedding, social event, etc. What i can assure you is I have multi-discipline experienced. From research, to creating unique brand identity, maintaining the brand, and implementing the brand strategy also the execution. Beyond that, I know how to use the power of collaboration within the team. I hope, i can contribute something good to my surroundings together with KEMENTRIAN PARIWISATA. Thank you for considering my application. I’m really appreciate your time. Warmest regards, Viranica Susanto

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Dear, Ms. Susanto thank you for contacting Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy opens opportunities for all citizens who qualify for a career in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Recruitment of Civil Servants (PNS) Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy announced on the menu ANNOUNCEMENT on official website and social media ministry (website: www.kemenpar.go.id, Facebook fan page

Please look up https://sscn.bkn.go.id/ for Recruitment of Civil Servants (PNS) registration 2019 batch

We hope this information helps.

Furthermore, if you are satisfied with the submitted reply, we ask for your willingness to fill out the Satisfaction Survey of  Public Information Service, Ministry of Tourism. 

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