Ng Qin Hui
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Hi Sir/Madam, I brought my family to Batam from 12 - 13 Oct 2019 and stayed at Nagoya Mansion Hotel and Residences. We booked 2 apartments at the residences tower. On 13 Oct (yesterday) morning, my 5 year old niece was brushing her teeth in the toilet and that is when the entire sink slide out and fell to my niece's left foot. When this happened, I WhatsApp the receptions to report the incident. Upon check out, the hotel charged us 250000 rupiah for the fees require to repair the sink, which was unreasonable as this incident was clearly due to the engineering department's negligence and duty of care to ensure a safe environment for the guests. They insisted to charge the 250000 rupiah because they mentioned when I reported the incident in the morning, I did not mention about a child's injury at the same time hence it is not valid. To us, it is extremely unreasonable due to the following: 1) A 5 year old child was not tall enough to reach the tap and of course some pressure was applied on the sink. However the engineer insisted that the sink is fine for usage. 2) The staff insisted that it is our fault for not checking if the sink was fixed properly. It is not reasonable to expect the sink to fall & check upon checking in. Pls conduct a thorough investigation on this. We are unhappy to be charged that amount for a negligence by the property, and will like to be linked to the General Manager of the property. Thank you. Best Regards, Qin Hui



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